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When you feel symptoms, your body is telling you that something is wrong @chiropractic_mk

Changing Your Perspective On Health.

At the moment, despite the advances in science and medicine, the health of the population is at an all-time low. When we look at the big three killers, cancer, heart disease and stroke, they are all on the rise. With increased investment in healthcare and research, why are the incidents of these diseases still increasing?


Our concept of health is based on how we feel – our symptoms – rather than on how our body functions. The main stressors which affect our body are thoughts, traumas and toxins. It’s pretty safe to say that what we think, do and consume directly effects how we feel and, more importantly, how our body functions. When we are stressed, even the smallest of issues can develop into poor health. When we don’t eat well, we soon feel the difference in our body, and when we put our body through increased levels of activity, our body lets us know by the aching of under-used muscles. In essence, we know what goes on inside our body.

When we look at symptoms and confuse them with health, we could be forgiven for assuming that a normal person, walking down the street with no discomfort, was a healthy person. If that man were to fall over and have a heart attack as he turned the corner, would we still say that he was a heathy man? 

On the other hand, if we were to look as someone in bed who has a high temperature and was feeling sick, at first glance we would call that patient sick. However, what we may fail to recognise is that the temperature and sickness are ways of riding our body of toxins or a virus, so this, in fact, is a healthy response from the body.


When you feel symptoms, your body is telling you that something is wrong and symptoms are usually an end result of an underlying problem. A condition we commonly see in our office is neck and back pain. In the healthcare model, the answer to a patient with neck or back pain would be painkillers or anti-inflammatories. Patients are becoming aware that these merely mask the problem. Actually, the inflammation in the joints of our spine which is causing the pain is there for a reason. So why would you take a drug to reduce the pain? Is the drug cleverer that your body? Is that same drug, in the same dose, the answer for every patient with that massive range of symptoms for which it is prescribed? No, of course not. Furthermore, there is no external solution for an internal problem.

 Take a step back and look at your body from another perspective.

What controls your body? What causes your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, your hair to grow, cuts to heal, glands to secrete hormones, and muscles to contract. What enables you to read and comprehend this? All these functions are controlled, automatically, by our nervous system.

Our body is an intricate organism and given the chance to thrive will do so; it innately knows what to do. Why then can two people who eat the same food and do the same job feel and function at completely different levels?

If your nervous system is functioning at its highest level, then your body would likewise be functioning at its optimum. So, the key to health is to find out what interferences might be causing your nervous system to dis-function. When we remove those interferences, we restore the body’s ability to thrive. As chiropractors, we focus on looking for the interferences, to correct dis-function and to restore the nervous system to its full functionality. 


Listening to your body is extremely good for you. We all know what is good and bad with regards to health. Eating the correct foods and drinking enough water, exercising every day and getting enough sleep are the first steps in helping your body function to at its best.

 Discover for yourself how chiropractic can help your body function at its best by booking a consultation today @ Contact Us

Dr Christian Caswell  –  AECC University College




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