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Andrew Coombs

5 star review on Google: 

“I’ve seen Dr Lawrence King for a few years now and have never been to someone who has as much certainty and confidence in their own skill and abilities. His adjustments are mind blowing and you get up feeling like you have a bolt of lightening and overwhelming abundant amounts of energy. It has meant that more than the physical way my body has improved I feel mentally stress free and I am so much happier in life to fell as if I am firing on cylinders.

 I would recommend him and the centre to anyone. The staff, clinic and the service is fantastic.” 


Sheila Bedford

 5 star review on Google: 
“My son suffered from severe back problems, so much so, had to give up his beloved game of golf. After doing much research on what chiropractor would hopefully help, he started to see Lawrence whilst he was practising in Harley Street a couple of years ago. The corrective technique practised by Lawrence differs from most chiropractors (thus the reason for him choosing) – Lawrence is Gonstead trained (Google this is is most interesting part)

Suffice to say, my son is now back enjoying his regular games of golf!

Seeing the progress of Richard I decided on his recommendation to see Lawrence after suffering for months with hip immobility – I could not walk without pain and lived on painkillers. Rather than have to have major surgery which was the opinion of my GP I went down the corrective chiropractor route – I now have a spinal adjustment every couple of weeks and very rarely have a pain-killer, no surgery, and so…enough said!

My only regret is that I did not seek his help earlier – what is the point of being in pain when the problem can be rectified.”

Mohammed Sahad

5 star review on Google: Dr Laurence king is brilliant at what he does at corrective chiropractic and the reception staff are friendly. Posted 3 weeks ago

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