Treatment plans and pricing guide


Our ‘New Patient’ appointments are designed to find out the root cause of your pain or condition and the best way to optimise your health. Even if you have seen a chiropractor or Doctor before we will do a full report of our own to determine a plan of action to help you live as pain-free as possible.

  1.  Initial consultation: Your first visit will be a thorough consultation and examination, which will include x-rays (if clinically required). 
  2. Report of findings appointment: Your new patient experience will finish with your report where the chiropractor will take you through all of your results in detail and work with you to determine a plan of action or course of care to resolve your pain or condition and maximise your health. 
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Your regular visits will consist of a series of specific Chiropractic Adjustments and the recommended frequency will depend upon the findings of your initial consultationMany patients decide to continue their adjustments once their pain or symptoms are relieved to ensure their body continues to function at its best. 

These are shorter appointments and are scheduled at convenient times around your work or family life. As we are open 8am to 8pm Monday-Thursday this is perfect for ‘after work’ appointments.

At regular intervals throughout your care we will schedule you in for your complementary Re-Assessment to monitor your progress and make sure you are getting the most from your care.

  Our prices:

  • Initial consultation £120 (Including X-rays if clinically required)
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  • Treatment there after from £33 to £38 per session


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